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Established funeral home in Southampton

We can help you with funeral planning, funeral arrangements and any registration of death in South Hampshire.
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Funeral home established in 1870

J Lawrence & Sons (Undertakers) Ltd was established by Jonathan Lawrence in 1870 and caters for clients across South Hampshire. For about 49 years we were based at 100, St. Mary’s Road in Southampton before moving - in about 1919 - to our present address on St. Denys Road.
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A brief history of the family business

1st generation (1870 - 1906)
Jonathan Lawrence lost his sons at early ages and he adopted Reginald Theobald Lallow who had lost his father when he was two years old. 

2nd generation (1906 - 1958)
After Jonathan's death in 1906, the business was carried on by his wife Jane and son Reginald. 

Reginald married Alice Swaffield and they had five children - Reggie Lallow Lawrence, Greta Lallow Lawrence, Bernard Lallow Lawrence, May Lallow Lawrence and Arthur Lallow Lawrence.

3rd generation (1958 - 1998)
After Reginald's demise in 1958, the business was taken over by his children Alice, Reggie, Bernard and Arthur.

Alice died in 1970, Bernard in 1983, Reggie in 1985, leaving Arthur to continue the business with his wife Pam. 

4th generation (1987 to present)
John joined the business in 1987 and Chris joined in 1989.

After Arthur died in 1998, Pam took less of a role in the management of the business and has left the running of the business to John and Chris.

The next generation
Chris’ sons Benji, Alfie and Nathaniel, and John’s son Harry.
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